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Happy Thanksgiving!     
Happy Thanksgiving!     


History and Purpose

Bible Baptist School was founded in 1970, for the express purpose of providing families the opportunity to have their children receive an excellent academic education that prepares them for a life pleasing to God, all within a Christian environment. Since that time BBS has remained consistent to its initial purpose while growing and developing into the school it is today. Although many things have changed, what is important has remained the same.

As a family with students in BBS you should be comfortable with the academic quality, spiritual environment and overall operation of the school. For this reason the administration has taken great efforts to clearly define how the school staff, students and parents can effectively work together to achieve the mission with excellence.  As educators we will remain consistent as we move through the year. As parents we desire you provide encouragement for your child and support for the staff. In the truest sense the school staff and school families have joined in a partnership where the student becomes the beneficiary of the process.

Attendance at Bible Baptist School is a wonderful privilege. We would be delighted to have you as part of our school family.

Upcoming Events​​

November 19           2:15 SSU College Visit
November 20          Physical Science Field Trip
November 23          5:00 Basketball at Andrew Jackson 
November 24          6:30 Basketball at St. John Paul  II 
​November 25-29   Thanksgiving Holidays!!

Congratulations Bible Baptist Yearbook Staff!  Our school is now a "Tree Ring Green Yearbook School" earning 54 trees to be planted in our school's name!